James’ Story

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Homeless, James and his family – his wife and two children (6 and 11 years old) – lost everything they owned in the flood while they were camping up in Nederland. “After the flood we needed a hand up to survive” James said, “and Bridge House was there for us.” Bridge House’s open door policy made it easy for James to make an appointment with a Case Manager. “The case managers were kind and helped us with bus passes so I could get to and from work. I was able to keep my job because of Bridge House. “

He met with case managers for support and guidance. They were more than just giving him services they were helping him emotionally. “Being homeless is not fun, especially in 12 degree weather.

I had someone to talk to that didn’t judge me.” Dee Dee and Heather two case managers at Bridge House rallied around James and his family. They saw how motivated and driven James was to get his family off the street. When he saved enough money for a deposit for an apartment, Bridge House was able to help him with the deposit for his electricity. “I can’t say thank you enough, having someone to communicate with and that could direct me in the right direction was what helped me get my family off the street. What you do at Bridge House is valuable. It is possible to get off the street you just have to believe in yourself and have some support.”