Bridge House plays a crucial role addressing homelessness.

Not only do we provide outreach case management services for basic needs-from bus fare to prescription medications- we also provide employment services and nightly meals at our Community Table dinner program. Bridge House is a bridge for many seeking a pathway out of homelessness.

The need is great.

While Boulder County has a high standard of living, there continues to be a significant number of people in our community who are struggling. Poverty and homelessness are inextricably linked and are growing in Boulder County as well as nationwide. In a recent Point in Time survey, 726 people were counted as homeless within Boulder County’s borders on one single night. Of those counted. In 2016 we have seen over 1,800 individuals seeking our basic needs case management services.

Our approach to change is simple.

Bridge House’s mission is to address immediate survival needs of homeless and low income individuals and provide resources which lead to employment, housing, personal stability and healing.

 We believe that it is crucial to provide basic services like access outreach case management, and food to homeless and low income individuals of our community. But we use these services to connect people to our transitional services like Ready to Work and outreach case management in hope of engaging them in discussion about what they need to get on their feet. We meet people “where they’re at” and use a variety of tools and resources to help them work toward a better quality of living.  We invest in opportunities.

We offer a Bridge of Opportunity
Based on diversity of backgrounds, challenges and circumstances of our clients, Bridge House understands there is no single solution to homelessness on an individual or a community level. We believe it is our role to provide an array of resources and opportunities to engage people and give them the tools to reach their highest-level of self-sufficiency. Our Bridge of Opportunity begins with basic needs and ends with self sufficiency-spanning from homelessness to housed.

The challenges associated with homelessness affect our whole community. We can do more for the people caught in the cycles of poverty, illness, unemployment, incarceration and helplessness. We can do more to keep the city we love vibrant and thriving.

We are a very collaborative organization and work hard to find the right resources within the community to help our clients, partnering with dozens of organizations and government initiatives to do so. Bridge House is also in line with the Boulder County Human Services Strategic Plan and Boulder County’s Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness in its operations and values.