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Colorado Homeless Contribution Income Tax Credit

The Colorado Homeless Contribution Income Tax Credit (HCTC) created by Colorado House Bill- HB22-1083 provides a tax credit to Colorado taxpayers who contribute to eligible homelessness related projects within Colorado.

The HCTC encourages donors to support local nonprofits that are providing valuable services to those experiencing homelessness. Bridge House and Ready to Work in Aurora both qualify under this requirement. Any donation over $250 (or $5,000 in kind) qualifies for the credit. The more you donate, the bigger your tax break!

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The program is administered by the Colorado Department of Local Affairs*

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Make A Financial Gift


You can make a big difference in the life of an adult experiencing homelessness by providing financial assistance to our programs like Ready to Work or our Community Table meal program. A little goes a long way at Bridge House.

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Did You Know
One Time Gifts of ...

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provides 125 meals...

...for adults experiencing homelessness and low income individuals

provides 1 month...

...of Aftercare Support for all Ready to Work graduates

will fund...

... 200 life saving prescriptions

will provide...

... one year of ID funds for clients to obtain the appropriate identification to find employment and housing

will support...

... on site intake and assessment for 200 individuals seeking Basic Needs services

will sponsor...

... room, board and support services at Ready to Work House for a Ready to Work trainee

Did you know
12 recurring monthly donations of …

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will provide 50... management clients with transportation to important appointments like doctor visits and job interviews

will help 5...

...clients stay in their housing through our homelessness prevention fund

will help fund...

... aftercare support for Ready to Work graduates