David’s Story

The goal of our programs is to meet individuals where they are, and offer opportunities to transform their lives. But behind each individual person are stories. Stories of loss, trauma, and pain, but also stories of strength, resilience and pride. David is just one of these stories.

David offers a friendly smile as we sit down for a conversation on a warm Summer day. Originally from Oklahoma, David shares his struggle with addiction, which caused him to lose his nursing license. After losing his job, David was homeless for several years before landing in Colorado in 2017. Upon his arrival, he was given information about the Ready To Work program at Bridge House.

Ready to Work offered David a unique opportunity to change his life for the better. During his time as a trainee, David learned to trust others: “One of the biggest lessons I learned from Ready to Work was sharing my emotions and feelings with someone.” Learning to trust again has helped David strengthen the relationships in his life.
With the help of his case manager, David overcame many of his obstacles and eventually regained his nursing license. He graduated from the Ready to Work program in 2019 with his own apartment and currently works as the Assistant Director of Nursing at a Senior living facility in Longmont, Colorado. David’s face lights up as he describes the joy he feels for his new life and his return to the field of Nursing.

David is a wonderful role model, acting as a mentor and helping current trainees realize their own potential while utilizing the support services offered at Ready to Work. Today, David is honored to serve on the Board of Directors for Bridge House. He is strengthening the mission of the organization by helping plan our expansion to meet the needs of even more individuals throughout Colorado.

Bridge House is honored to be a part of David’s journey. Our belief is that no obstacle is too great as we help people get back on their feet and back to work.