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Posts by Isabel McDevitt

Second Chances

This October we celebrated 43 graduates at our annual Ceremony. All are the product of a second chance. But not every second chance works. In the case of our Ready to Work graduates, a second chance is never wasted. On October 16, 2019 we honored people who seized opportunity to transform their lives taking no…

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Let’s Go Big

An unexpected thing is happening. Homelessness is growing not in the most derelict cities but in the most affluent. Homelessness is now a symptom of prosperity not just decline. This may make some sense. People with means move in and others are squeezed out. Yet, the high cost of housing is not the only reason…

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Steve’s Story

The horn-rimmed glasses and close-cropped hair give him an almost studious appearance. I’ll call him Steve. He’s powerfully built and broad through the chest but right now tears are streaming down the cheeks of this big man. We’re at a staff meeting at Bridge House and Steve is telling us about his journey to this…

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Why do we wait?

How Bridge House is preventing chronic homelessness by Isabel McDevitt, Bridge House CEO   In the mid-nineties cities across the country developed 10 year plans to end homelessness.  The cornerstone of each plan consisted of a “Housing First” approach and the development of Permanent Supportive Housing for people experiencing chronic homelessness. According to the Department…

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2018 Successes and Challenges

With success comes challenges… and challenges breed opportunities for creativity and innovation. This is the Bridge House view. In 2018 we had several notable successes and face significant challenges. We are leveraging both to find solutions. Here are just 3 examples Thank you for being part of our solutions. 1. Success – In 2018, Bridge…

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We Have A Challenge For You!

October is here and it’s time to celebrate. Why you ask? Because it’s Ready to Work month! And this year we have more to celebrate than ever: It’s the third anniversary of Ready to Work House in Boulder; We are more than doubling our impact in Metro Denver to include our second location- Ready to…

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