Ready to Work featured in the Huffington Post as a leader in creating transitional jobs to change lives!

When experts talk of solutions to homelessness and criminal recidivism, there is resounding agreement that if someone can find and maintain employment, the greater their chances of breaking free of the cycles of dependence and incarceration. But in a tight job market and for populations with spotty work histories, the mainstream job market may not be immediately accessible.

Recently featured in the Huffington Post, Bridge House’s Ready to Work program is part of a select group of non profit organizations on a national level who are developing social enterprises – businesses that combine social mission (ie creating jobs for those who need them) with competitive earned revenue strategies – to create transitional jobs.

In short, we create businesses to create jobs to move people out of homelessness.

The reality is that for people who are experiencing homelessness or reentering from incarceration they need a transitional job, a “first job” to prepare for workforce. These transitional jobs change lives by offering an immediate opportunity to work, build a resume, earn and save money, and, importantly, achieve self-esteem and purpose so often lost when homeless or on the fringe of society.

For non profit organizations like Bridge House, social enterprises are the answer to create paid, transitional jobs needed to offer tangible resources for clients to get back to work while also producing revenues to support this program model.

Click the link to read the full article.

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