bbh-massage-360x270Patty Marsico is offering gift cards to support Bridge House!

Big thanks to Patty for donating gift cards for a massage or training session.  Each card provides one hour with Patty at $100. The entire amount will go to Bridge House!!!

To purchase a gift card, please contact Christine at Don’t wait! This is a limited offer!

All gift card appointments will be made directly with Patty.  Patty’s private massage office is located at 2500 30th Street in the Steel Yards with ample parking.  A private gym is used for the training sessions at same location.

Massage: Patty’s massage can be just for sheer enjoyment  – gentle or deep.  She has a masterful touch.  Or her massage can be integrated into her training program to relieve tension, tightness, adhesions and trigger points that create compensation patterns adding to the underlying cause of dysfunction. A massage is designed to inspect different tissues of the body for inconsistencies that hinder comfort and performance. The result is long-term pain relief with improvements in flexibility, speed, strength and function!

Training: Patty’s programs are designed to teach proper, lifting techniques, biomechanics, postural education and safety.  She offers guidance on how to progress to an independent exercise program without injury. Understanding how physical strain, environmental changes, emotional stress and aging can affect our well-being. Patty’s goal is to help her clients realize their maximum potential and find enjoyment in exercising safely.

Check out Patty’s website

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