In 2009 Dennis lost his full time job. Unable to find steady employment Dennis ended up living on the streets. He spent his days selling the Denver Voice and his nights camping or at the warming center. “On the street I found that my faith in God is what got me through the really rough times.” Dennis reflects. He also believes that Bridge House was a lifesaver as he felt like he was drowning out on the streets alone.

The community at Bridge House and the volunteers gave Dennis a sense of normalcy compared to his chaotic life on the street.

While looking for employment while he was homeless, Dennis hit many dead ends. Once employers found out he was homeless he is application was often overlooked.

Dennis wanted a job, an opportunity to get his life back to the way it was before he was homeless. In December Dennis found that opportunity and joined Bridge House’s Ready to Work Program – Boulder’s first transitional employment program helping homeless men and women to reenter the workforce.

Employment is the cornerstone of independence. Not only did Dennis gain income to support himself his self-esteem grew tremendously. “Just knowing that I have a reason to wake up in the morning makes my life is so much better than it was a year ago and I have a huge sense of hope again. “ By Dennis accepting the opportunity to participate in the Ready to work Program he now has a job with paid employment. With his savings he was able to put a deposit down and move into an apartment in Boulder. Dennis is no longer homeless due to his strength, courage and commitment to changing his life through hard work.

  1. FollowUrBliss says:

    Dennis is one of the most beautiful souls I have come to know on the street. Many people on the streets, down at the library in the morning and other local places, are truly inspired by him. Because he kept his Ready To Work job and didn’t make excuses. He got promoted, I believe. He reacted to life in general, from what I saw, in a very positive way. I am SO happy that this outgoing personality was able to find some type of work. Congratulations Dennis!

  2. Elizabeth Treister says:

    I have known Dennis for many years and consider him a wonderful role model for people who have had tough times, but strive to improve their lives. Dennis was always the one to help clean up the around Bridge House or to assist anyone in need. When he sold the Voice, Dennis had a following of people in North Boulder, who chatted with him and respected him. I and several of my friends greatly admire his kindness and work ethic.. He was so popular during the days he sold the Voice, that he often sold out quickly. We often chatted years ago at the Farmers’ Mkt, where the work was hard and the hours long, but he never complained, but continued to be a valuable employee. The staff at Bridge House recognized his strength and supported his desire to be self-sufficient, by always being available when he needed help.

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