Bridge House’s Transitional Work Program

A hand up for the homeless men and women in Boulder

Ready to Work Goals:

  • To provide a pathway to self-sufficiency for homeless individuals through paid work
  • Change perception of homeless individuals in the community and with employers
  • Address persistent barriers impacting the ability of homeless individuals to work and find housing
  • Develop a sustainable transitional employment business model

 Program overview:

  • 16 trainees selected based on an application, intake and orientation process
  • 20 hours a week paid transitional work in supplemental sanitation and landscaping or culinary arts social enterprise
  • Up to 5 hours per week of support services including case management, drug-testing, life skills training, and financial management to prepare trainees for independent living
  • After 6 to 9 months working, trainees will seek full-time, mainstream employment

Projected program outcomes:

  • Employment – 80% of trainees who enter will obtain full-time mainstream employment after participation in Ready to Work.
  • Savings – 100% of trainees will save 30% of their income, approximately $1,000 after 6 months.
  • Sobriety – Trainees will remain clean and sober and set standard for other Bridge House clients.
  • Identification – 100% of Ready to Work participants will have proper ID.
  • Clean up work barriers – 100% will improve employability by working with case management to address barriers such as criminal background and child support.

Community outcomes:

  • Create culture of work for homeless individuals ready to work.
  • Increase financial support of Bridge House from community members who prioritize employment as a solution for homelessness.

Progress to date - as of Dec 2014

  • Job Placement– 19 Trainees have found mainstream work
  • Earned Revenue– $232,915 secured in contracts
  • New industry-specific training – culinary arts

Click here for more information about our Community Table catering and our culinary arts program.

Does your company want to hire a Ready to Work graduate?

Or for more information, contact

Tim Arnold: Employment Specialist


  • Say hello to the men and women of Ready to Work when you see them working hard in City parks and business districts – thank them for their work and congratulate them on accepting the opportunity to change their lives.
  • Educate your friends, colleagues and neighbors about Ready to Work – encourage them to learn more about this win/win solution to help the homeless help themselves while keeping our community clean.
  • If someone on the street approaches you for money and says they need a job, refer them to Ready to Work.
  • Consider contracting with Ready to Work for your company’s maintenance, custodial, landscaping or catering needs.
  • Consider hiring a graduate of Ready to Work as a full-time employee in your business.

If you have specific inquiries please contact