The Bridge House Resource Center was open from January through June 30, 2017.

  • Through the Resource Center we saw 798 unduplicated individuals utilize our case management services, with a total of 3,105 case management interactions.
  • 549 clients were assisted with benefits
  • 54 clients were kept in their housing or assisted with rehousing
  • We provided financial assistance for 56 prescriptions

In July of 2017, we transformed our Resource Center into a more comprehensive program called Path to Home Navigation Center and Lodge. Through our Path to Home program –

  • Open 180 days in 2017, our case managers saw 457 individuals participate in the program
  • 203 created a housing focused navigation plan with a cae manager
  • 53 clients were reunified with their family and are no longer homeless
  • We provided funds for 35 prescriptions
  • 66 clients were provided with funds and assistance in order to obtain a new ID
  • 27 clients were housed

But we don’t just measure our progress by our capacity to meet the growing need. We measure ourselves by the progress our clients make.

In 2016, we provided the following services

  • We served over 100,000 meals throughout the year
  • Over 13,000 case management appointments were completed
  • 236 people were assisted with funds to pay for their prescriptions
  • Over 2,000 bus tickets were provided to our clients
  • 555 were given funds to help pay for their ID
  • $8,948 was used for our homeless prevention or re-housing program
  • We provided over 788 case management appointments for individuals seeking employment services including referral to Ready to Work, resume completion and job referrals.

2017 Ready to Work Results

  • 65 trainees exited the program
  • 49 graduated the program with employment mainstream housing
  • 44 are still working for us moving into 2018 on their way to successful graduation
  • $784,361.34 in earned revenue
  • Total trainees earnings saved –  $25,000
  • 95% attendance rate
  • Man hours worked for the City of Boulder, Boulder Housing Partners, Boulder County and local property management companies over 25,000.
  • Man hours worked in our commercial kitchen over 21,000

2016 Ready to Work Results

  • 56 trainees exited the program
  • 43 graduated the program with employment mainstream housing
  • 44 are still working for us into 2017
  • $692,761 in earned revenue through both of our social enterprises
  • 95% attendance rate
  • Average savings of trainees earned wages $560