What We Do

The Bridge of Opportunity

At Bridge House we provide a range of programs and services to help adults experiencing homelessness have access to the resources they need for a better future. Our programs are arranged across our Bridge of Opportunity spanning from basic needs to employment and housing.

Ready to Work Logo

Ready to Work is a “work-first” approach to addressing homelessness. Ready to Work offers 1 year of housing, employment and support for adults experiencing homelessness. Ready to Work is the only holistic model in Colorado focused on addressing homelessness through social enterprise and employment combined with housing. Ready to Work operates in 2 communities in Metro Denver. After 7 years in Boulder, Bridge House replicated the model in Aurora, CO, which expands its presence from a capacity of 44 in Boulder to 94 in the region.

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Community Table Kitchen has a triple bottom line. At Community Table Kitchen we not only provide access to nutritious meals to hungry, low income individuals and families, we provide jobs and job training for participants in our Ready to Work program. As a social enterprise, Community Table Kitchen generates revenue to create jobs and support our mission through wholesale production contracts with local food brands, as a caterer, and café operator.

Path to Home Logo

Path to Home supports adults experiencing homelessness with 24/7 access to basic needs services such as meals and safe shelter. Through intensive, immediate service engagement and custom navigation plans clients are able to quickly access housing options other than emergency shelter.

Bridge House Clients in Their Own Words

"Bridge House's faith in people creates faith in themselves."   - Path to Home client

"Ready to Work repairs relationships in the community." - John, Ready to Work graduate

"I haven't had this much support before." - Path to Home client

"Thank you so much for helping me get to the VA and giving me a roof over my head. I have so many more options for moving forward." - Ryan, Path to Home client

"My Ready to Work case manager was always there for me with inspiring advice that helped me find my true, healthy self." - Barbara, Ready to Work graduate

"Without Ready to Work, I would still be homeless, hopeless and alone." - David, Ready to Work graduate

"My experience at Bridge House is generous people and a clean environment." - Path to Home client