Audi Boulder and Bridge House go beyond the norm! Nothing is dull in Boulder so why should business sponsorship be? We are thrilled to announce, Audi Boulder and Bridge House have partnered on a multi-faceted partnership to promote innovative solutions... Continue Reading
The Humanity Project explores the differences and similarities of how housed and homeless people live in Boulder. Using photography as a medium, photographers from both the homeless and housed communities capture personal –yet universal – aspects of their daily lives,... Continue Reading
In 2009 Dennis lost his full time job. Unable to find steady employment Dennis ended up living on the streets. He spent his days selling the Denver Voice and his nights camping or at the warming center. “On the street... Continue Reading
As an employment-based solution to help homeless individuals become independent, Bridge House’s Ready to Work program has great appeal. Our official launch celebration on January 10, 2012 attracted over 50 Boulder citizens. Held on the plaza in front of the... Continue Reading
It’s the New Year! Maybe you’ve been watching the drama with Occupy Boulder and wondering why the homeless haven’t been more vocal about how their rights are being eroded even further… maybe you’re going to volunteer for the Point in... Continue Reading