If you know someone who is either homeless or struggling with issues that could lead to homelessness you can help by:

Putting them in touch with Bridge House or some of the many other services in Boulder County

Bridge House’s case management services are often the starting place for people who are recently homeless. We can connect people with the services they need. On our Resources page, we have listed a variety of local agencies and their contact information.

If you are asked for help

We do not advocate giving money on the street to panhandlers. Although the panhandler may have legitimate needs, it is very difficult to be sure of that. If you wish to give on the street, we suggest giving a concrete item like food or clothing.

Advocate for affordable housing and social services

We live in a very affluent place, but many people in our community are being left behind. Ask your community representatives to support initiatives that create a safe, affordable place for us all.

Support Bridge House

Whether you donate money or volunteer time, your efforts will help us to help the thousands that walk through our door every year. For more information about giving to Bridge House, please see the ways you can give.