Isabel McDevitt wins Downtown Boulder Inc’s Community Service Award at the 2014 Annual DBI Luncheon.

A big thanks to the business community of Boulder! Through the Ready to Work program and other employment efforts, we strive to be a proactive, progressive force in the community. To be recognized for this work is a great honor.


  1. John Price to Wendy Schwartz – Boulder Summer Homeless Study

    copy by post
    Katie Gelman, Omni
    Brandie Ward, Omni
    Isabel McDevitt, Bridge House

    Thank you for sharing the Key Informant Discussion Summary with me. Although I am disappointed with it, the dissemination of information cannot help but improve everyone’s understanding of an issue.

    I believe some of the uncertainty and confusion in the Omni document is due to the use of the word travelers. Most travelers do so on business, to visit friends or relatives, or for sight seeing. They have a permanent residence (own or rent) or they travel full time in a camper, RV, car, etc. The people targeted are homeless travelers. The word transient – “someone who does not have a permanent home or job and moves from one place to another” is suitable but perhaps slightly pejorative. I think the word “visitor” is more suitable without offending the politically correct, though homeless visitors is more correct.

    The purpose of the survey would be to increase the knowledge of the homeless in the the city of Boulder, by adding information about the summer homeless to that from the annual Point-in-Time (PIT) winter survey.

    The survey could permit assessment of benefits and disadvantages of the summer homeless visitors to the city.
    Benefit: Gives an opportunity to help visitors with food, medical care, personal assistance. This is also a possible negative – they may stay if services are good enough.

    Disadvantages: crime – increase in city staff, and loss of summer income from put-off tourists. The principal effect I see is begging on street corners and camping along the creek.

    Criticism of the Omni Study
    The study is quite vague. a survey would help remove uncertainties. Also the PIT not mentioned except in the introduction so its utility is ignored.

    Obviously the survey cannot be comprehensive. Doesn’t matter. It’s the ones that are identifiable that are significant.
    Multiple days/collection periods? Depends on funding and effort.
    Sample questions
    1. Do you live in the city of Boulder? Yes – Respond – thank you and move on.

    2. What is your name/handle? To prevent duplication.

    3. How long have you been here?

    4. Where do you stay overnight?
    Here is a list of services in Boulder. Provide handout.

    5. Do you make use of city services – city or private?

    6. How do you support yourself?
    Here is scrip certificate to be exchanged for goods, as at a company store. The city used to have these. I have used them. I always got a positive response.

    A lengthy survey will not be welcomed and word will get out among the “visitors”.

    Bridge house would be a good choice for people conducting the survey. Safety can be increased greatly if they go out in pairs. I offer to donate $5000 for payment to the Bridge House clients for their help.
    John Price

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