The Bridge House Board of Directors is thrilled to announce the promotion of Isabel McDevitt to Chief Executive Officer of Bridge House.

Bridge House has transformed over the past 6 years. The growth of Ready to Work, Community Table Kitchen and our innovative approaches to basic needs services, such as the Path to Home demonstration project, have allowed Bridge House to have a deep and lasting impact in the lives of people experiencing homelessness in Boulder.

With the development of Ready to Work and Community Table Kitchen, Bridge House has demonstrated the possibilities of not only positive outcomes for the clients we serve but a great return on investment for the community through creative approaches to addressing homelessness through social enterprise and non-traditional housing models.

To accommodate the growth of Bridge House and the scaling of our award-winning Ready to Work model to Aurora, CO and, potentially, other locations, Isabel will move into a CEO role and Bridge House will hire a Chief Operations Officer.

Bridge House programs including Ready to Work, Community Table Kitchen, and Path to Home, will continue to achieve outstanding outcomes for Boulder under the excellent leadership of Widd Medford, Ready to Work Program Director, John Trejo, Community Table Kitchen Executive Chef, and Melissa Green, Path to Home Program Director.

Newly hired Matt Haies and Isabel as CEO will support all current Bridge House programs, as well as Ready to Work Aurora, and will ensure that each program achieves maximum impact for all stakeholders.

  1. Jules Krueger says:

    let me ask if i can come back, there were years of working behind mental health before you. the military mentally discharging me, which I never mentioned upon internship. I did want to fix my homelessness, sobriety and job standard training still. I did it to myself. and would like to re apply. my mom told me to work for you and i had further working background never upon mentioning. sobriety with weed and cigarettes were always the problem.

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