It’s our 5th Anniversary of Ready to Work House in Boulder!

This week marks the 5th Anniversary of Ready to Work House at 4747 Table Mesa Drive in Boulder! On August 12, 2015 Ready to Work House opened its doors to 44 adults experiencing homelessness ready to transform their lives.

Launched as a pilot with no housing in 2012, Ready to Work brought a “work-first” solution to address homelessness in the City of Boulder and Colorado.

In 2015 with the opening of Ready to Work House, the “3-legged stool” program model was completed with WORK, SUPPORT and HOUSING. Visit for more info.

Ready to Work House is a unique example of a non-traditional, cost-effective housing solution. Previously an office building, RTW House in Boulder was renovated into dormitory housing at a fraction of the cost – just 20% of the capital needed to build traditional housing of the same size, for the same population. We created housing for 44 people for just over $4 million in capital costs.

Over the past five years…

  • RTW House has been home to 203 individuals who have subsequently graduated into independent housing and mainstream jobs
  • RTW has achieved a success rate of 76% since 2015
  • RTW House has provided 81,640 nights of housing for residents – off the streets, out of shelter and jail or prison
  • From opening through 2019 -RTW trainees have contributed 155, 260 labor hours to improve the community through our outdoor crew and combat hunger through Community Table Kitchen, and many more are being accumulated now despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • RTW trainees have earned over $2,200,000 and have saved over $200,000 collectively to support themselves, their futures and their families

Many of our first residents from 2015 are thriving including….

James who had spent over 300 nights homeless before coming to RTW who is now, 5 years later still employed, housed and managing the new Community Table Kitchen Café at Boulder Community Health!

Dave who shared the anniversary of RTW House in Boulder will be, to the day, his anniversary of 5 years without drinking!

And many more!

We are so grateful for all of the partners who believed in our concept and supported the project including our Capital Campaign donors, the City of Boulder, the State of Colorado Division of Housing and the Martin Acres Neighborhood Association. We could not have made Ready to Work a reality without you!

The on-the-ground program team led by Widd Medford is responsible for this awesome success. Congratulations to all the RTW staff here since 2015 – Widd, Chad, Melissa, John M, John T, Dee Dee, Tim – and the our team today who is the best yet!!!

As we weather the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and increasing need due to a stalled economy, Ready to Work remains not only a model but a community and culture that truly believes every person can thrive. We have more work to do and more exciting progress to come!

BE OUR GUEST and Join us on September 16 for our VIRTUAL annual Farm to Table event where we will CELEBRATE IMPACT and unveil plans for the future. Click Here or Email [email protected] for more details.

Thank you for your ongoing support!

For a trip down memory lane check out these photos and articles! Daily Camera Opening 8/12/2015

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