Bridge House Services for Homeless and Low Income Adults

Dear Bridge House Supporter-

I am writing to inform you of some service changes that will be taking place over the summer of 2017.
Rest assured Bridge House’s commitment to create opportunities for homeless individuals in Boulder is steadfast and strong.

As of May 1 Bridge House is adapting some of our programming due to a decrease in the availability of space and funds to operate day services.

Our continuum of services from nutritious meals, to basic needs case management, to Ready to Work jobs and housing will continue to serve and support over 150 individuals in need each day. 

Our methods will change but our resolve to end homelessness one person at a time will not.

Bridge House services as of May 1 will include- 


Bridge House will continue to operate the Community Table evening meal with the same hours and locations. Five nights a week homeless and low income folks will be able to get a healthy, hearty dinner served by our amazing volunteers and prepared by our Ready to Work trainees in the Community Table Kitchen culinary arts program.



Bridge House will launch an outreach team that will provide peer navigation andbasic needs case management including benefit sign up, access to transportation, ID services, housing search and more. Access to basic needs case management services will be available to homeless adults at Community Table and in other community locations at the same frequency as available in past summers.



Homeless adults with a desire to get back to work will be able to join the Ready to Work program that offers up to 29 hours a week of paid employment in social enterprise coupled with housing and supportive services. We will continue to have capacity for 44 adults at all times.

  As you know, our challenges around space and funding for day shelter have been of concern for several years.

We are thankful to our partners in the faith community who have provided space for our day sheltering program, the hundreds of volunteers who have served lunch day in and day out, and to you for your belief in our work.
Bridge House has been part of the Homeless Work-group lead by the City of Boulder Department of Human Services. The full report from that effort will be available in early May. We encourage you to read the recommendations that will outline some ideas for systematic efforts to refine services that lead to housing and healing for the most vulnerable among us. We know City Council will be looking for community feedback from terrific citizens like you!

Bridge House is 100% committed to providing services and opportunities for homeless adults in Boulder. 
We will continue to be nimble and innovative as we work within our community-context to help transform the lives of the homeless men and women who seek our support.
Please feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any questions.

Thank you for your partnership!


Isabel McDevitt



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