It’s the company you keep – Bridge House Board of Directors is top notch

Written by Isabel McDevitt

There is nothing glamorous about being on the Board of Directors of a non-profit organization yet non-profit Boards are fundamental to the health and vitality of Boulder County. With more than 1,000 non- profits in Boulder County, it is safe to say that at any given time there are more than 12,000 dedicated community members that serve on Boards. Given the significant role non-profits play in forming a safety net for our community, these Board members are essential to the health of our county. We should all be thankful for their service – the ultimate in volunteering.

The role of a Board is to provide leadership, strategy and direction as well as oversight to operations and to generate financial support for a non-profit in order for it to achieve its mission. Depending on size and maturity, Boards will take on a variety of projects to achieve a myriad of objectives. Boards are often invisible, working behind the scenes. As non-profits, not only do we need to do a better job acknowledging the members of our Boards for their hard work, we need to let our supporters know who our Board members are so the community can both understand who is part of leading our efforts but also so that we can utilize the full scope of a Board’s ability to forge strategic partnerships in the community.

If the hallmarks of a good Board are experience, diversity, passion and the ability to act, the Bridge House board is one of the best in Boulder. I am very proud to work with our
talented Board members.

Together they represent a range of incredible backgrounds, perspectives and a wealth of experience from both past and present professional and personal experience. I am fortunate that I can pick up the phone for advice on a broad range of topics, I can call together a meeting on strategy at a moment’s notice, and we can have robust, honest debates at our monthly Board meetings. I am extremely grateful to be in the company of so many community leaders in Boulder and appreciative that they have chosen homelessness and Bridge House as the cause they are dedicated their time and talents to.

Thank you Bridge House Board of Directors!!

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