Audi Boulder and Community Table Kitchen launch Audi Cup Café

Boulder, CO, Thursday, December 17 – Audi Boulder and Community Table Kitchen announce the launch of Audi Cup café located at the Audi Boulder Showroom at 1799 Exposition Drive. This joint venture exemplifies the innovative partnership between Audi Boulder and Bridge House – the umbrella non profit organization for Community Table Kitchen. Audi customers will have access to a variety of top-tier coffee drinks, pastries and quick serve items prepared and served by members of the Community Table Kitchen culinary arts program. All revenue goes to support the mission of Community Table Kitchen to provide jobs and training to help homeless men and women advance their career goals.

 Craig David of Audi Boulder states “We are thrilled to partner with Community Table Kitchen. We want to provide the highest level of service to our customers at the new Audi Cup cafe and at the same time, this partnership allows us to support our community and those who need an opportunity to work simultaneously,” it’s just one of those “win-win” situations!

 More about Community Table Kitchen – a program of Bridge House:

Community Table Kitchen has a triple bottom line. A program of Bridge House, a Boulder-based non profit organization dedicated to creating innovative programs to address homelessness, Community Table Kitchen feeds the hungry in our community; while providing paid jobs and culinary arts training for homeless men and women as a stepping stone out of homelessness. Community Table Kitchen generates revenue through social enterprise in catering and commissary cooking.

With the more than 80,000 meals served each year to the homeless and working poor Bridge House promotes community and engages homeless people in services such as mental health, substance abuse and our Ready to Work program. Ready to Work offers 1 year of paid employment coupled with housing and support services to help people reenter the workforce. The more jobs provided like the ones at Community Table Kitchen; the more homeless men and women have the opportunity to get off the streets.

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