Ready to Work House and Employment Center – How lucky am I??

October 2015

Chris moved in on a Sunday morning. He was shown his new room and laid down. He slept for 20 hours. Upon waking up Chris shared “I hadn’t slept in a bed for a year. That felt amazing.”

“You know being homeless is hard but being sober after 40 years of drinking is hard too. This place is giving me that chance” shares Zach. “I could get a job making $25 an hour but I would just start drinking again, it’s tempting.  Ready to Work is giving me the foundation and balance I need. Thanks for helping me slow down and get it right ”

“This is the best program I have been in. I can get my life together and focus on my goal to be an electrician”

“I am so grateful for this place” says Alex “ I slept outside last year and it was cold.”

Vincent was too intimidated to use a computer. Relying on others for anything electronic, he never had the access, or help, or time to learn the basics. With the computer lab at the new Ready to Work House and Employment Center he now has an email address and helpful volunteers to support him. The digital divide is closing.

Brennon and Juan are 30 years apart in age. Worlds apart in style and life experience yet they sit together at a dinner sharing stories, comparing notes about a hard days work, exchanging jokes and becoming friends.

“Thank you for all you do, Miss Isabel. You are the reason I am not homeless anymore”

How lucky am I? How lucky am I- to hear these stories, to get to know these amazing people?

Every time I go the “House” I get to see the community forming and the practical improvements of having a safe place to live and a paying job are having on our residents. More importantly, I get to witness true transformation – mentally, physically, emotionally. The people moving in to Ready to Work House and Employment Center are true survivors determined to succeed. They are optimistic and motivated. We are simply providing the platform for them to progress.

Thanks to all of you who came to our Open House on 9/15. If you missed it but still want a tour email me at [email protected] We would love to have you!

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