Jay's Story

Bridge House changed my life! I am no longer homeless and have graduated from the Ready to Work program. I also have a great job at Whole Foods.

Two years ago I was in a totally different situation. I was living pay check to pay check and working at King Soopers. I made one mistake, one stupid mistake and I ended up homeless. I was fired for insubordination and when I lost my job I couldn’t pay my rent, so I ended up homeless.

I am a hard worker and a good person. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me.

When I first became homeless I didn’t know about Bridge House or the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless. I had $10 to my name and once that was gone I had no money for food. I was camping in Boulder and walking around during the day. I went four days without eating and I only drank water.

I was feeling sick, hungry and hopeless. Another homeless man saw me and said I wasn’t looking good. I told him what was going on and he took me to the Bridge House. I had something to eat and a list of where the community table dinners were held.

I ate at Bridge House and at the evening meals. I was feeling better until the flood. I had never seen so much rain. I was surprised not to see Noah and his ark. My camp site was wiped out and I lost everything. All I had were the clothes on my back. I asked Dee Dee at the Bridge House what to do. She told me about Deacons Closet where I could get clothes. I was still lost though. I was in shock over losing my job and being homeless. One day while talking with Dee Dee she mentioned the Ready to Work program. She told me I sign up. So I met with Tim an employment specialist and a Bridge House case manager. I signed up and he told me to be at Bridge House 2 days later to do my internship.

I did my internship on Friday and by Monday I was on the Ready to Work Crew. At this time I also got into the First Step Program at the Boulder Shelter. I was guaranteed a place to sleep every night. It felt so good to work again. I had a sense of purpose in my life and hope for the future. Chad the Ready to Work supervisor and everyone on the team were very supportive. They went above and beyond for me. They were here for me for my successes as well as my failures. I now have an apartment, a great job at Whole Food where there is room for advancement and a plan in place so this never happens again. Bridge House and the Ready to Work program helped me accomplish all of this.

I just want to say how extremely grateful and appreciative I am to the following people. Isabel, Tim, Julie, Chad, Dennis. Chris Hasen, Dee Dee Heather, Debbie, Steve, Chris, Vera, Emily , Shane the entire Bridge House staff and Susan who is here representing Whole Foods. Thank you for everything. You all believed in me and because you do I believe in myself for the first time ever.

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