On the Cutting Edge of Business Sponsorship

Audi Boulder

Audi Boulder and Bridge House go beyond the norm!

Nothing is dull in Boulder so why should business sponsorship be?

We are thrilled to announce, Audi Boulder and Bridge House have partnered on a multi-faceted partnership to promote innovative solutions to homelessness through unexpected brand placement and financial support.

Boulder is a hub for all things unconventional. As a nonprofit working on solving one of our most pressing and challenging social problems – homelessness – we, at Bridge House, have an innovative spirit. We are trying new things programmatically and have made strides in community education. We are not afraid to take risks and challenge the community to think differently. So why should we approach business sponsorship in any less of a creative way?

Thanks to the fresh thinking of Jaymie Hampson, the new owner of Boulder’s premier Audi dealership, and her team, Audi Boulder is willing to think outside the proverbial box.

A partnership between Bridge House and Audi Boulder brings attention to the commitment both organizations have to making Boulder a better place. Both partners recognize that those who work, live and play in Boulder are savvy, sophisticated and respond to vision – no matter what the arena.  Bridge House is honored to work with a partner committed to a long-term relationship who thinks creatively and strives to provoke the community to so as well.

To launch our partnership, during the Summer of Audi event this July & August, Audi Boulder will make a sizable donation to Bridge House for every new and pre-owned car it sells.

This is unprecedented for an auto dealership of its caliber. Every customer will learn about the work of Bridge House and have the opportunity to participate in our solution-oriented approach toward ending homelessness.

Bridge House is fortunate to have supporters that share our same spirit of innovation. Who are making a difference in the community and are innovating in their own areas of expertise. We have partners who care deeply about their city and want their networks of customers and colleagues to not only know about their commitment but want to encourage them to do the same.

With this exciting collaboration, Audi Boulder is challenging the norms of sponsorship to support Bridge House as not only a cause of great community importance but in order to resonate with what Bouderites want – involvement, partnership, creativity.

We are ever so thankful for Audi Boulder and all of the other local businesses that support Bridge House.

Thank you,

Isabel McDevitt

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