On the Eleventh Day of Christmas, Bridge House Gave to Me: A Season Filled With Wishes and Opportunities

Christmas Eve has arrived and with it comes wishes of all shapes and sizes. For our 11th Day of Christmas wishes and opportunities, we asked our staff to share their Christmas Wishes. We hope that as you enjoy this holiday with friends and family, that you will continue into the New Year with a generous spirit and an compassionate heart.

“My Christmas Wish for Bridge House as we move into the New Year is…

• Isabel McDevitt, Executive Director: “…that Bridge House will continue to be a leader in improving our community response to homelessness, so more people can have access to the opportunities they need.”

• Shari Leyshon, Nutrition Specialist: “…a lunch space where our guests can sit down to the meals we prepare.”

• Sean Quinn, Facilities Manager: “…that Bridge House will grow into a cutting edge service for the homeless consistent with national programs and successes.”

• Tim Arnold, Employment Specialist: “…JOBS JOBS JOBS!!!”

• Debbie Little-Keene, Administrative Assistant:  “…a bigger building so all of our services and programs could be in one location.”

• Sarah Steenblock, Case Manager: “…lockers, more showers and a bigger building.”

• Heather Pauzé, Case Manager: “…that the two communities—the housed and the homeless—to move closer together.”

• Chad Carbone, Senior Supervisor, Ready to Work: “…socks for all!”

• Chris Vibrans, Case Manager: “…harmony & balance in everyone’s lives and a bigger building.”

• DeeDee Sease, Greeter: “…for more people to get off the streets into permanent housing.”


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