A Simple Idea to Simplify Your Life

Did you know that you can give monthly to Bridge House for as little as $10 a month and now is a great time to sign up.

The idea is simple and it may just simplify your life, too.

You sign up to make monthly installments on your credit card to support Bridge House. This helps us because it ensures that we have funding throughout the year for the homeless of our community. But this helps you, too! Here’s how:

  •  Monthly giving helps you to spread your contributions out over the year, instead of making a lump sum gift at the end of the year
  • Monthly giving helps you to budget for your giving on a monthly basis
  • Monthly giving makes giving simpler – just sign up one time and forget about it – your giving is taken care of!

If you are interested in monthly giving please contact [email protected] or click on the “donate now” button to get started.

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