The homeless community has been rattled with deaths of several men who called Boulder home.


The homeless community has been rattled with deaths of several men who called Boulder home. It is tragic to lose loved ones of those we serve. Bridge House has provided a place for our clients to grieve, share and reflect.

Within the last month 4, possibly 5, individuals known to be homeless have died in Boulder County, at least two within the last week by Boulder creek. What does this mean for our community?

The details may not be certain but our resolve is. Bridge House will keep our door open for the men and women who need us most. Whether a client comes to Bridge House for a single meal or to enroll in our structured Ready to Work program, Bridge House will continue to address the myriad of challenges faced by homeless men and women in our community. We will begin with meeting basic needs leading to access to support services like mental health counseling, addiction recovery, and health care. Our objective is to help our clients reach the highest level of self-sufficiency possible.

As the summer comes upon us homelessness will not retreat. Poverty is not tied to the weather. It will become increasingly difficult for the homeless as services decrease. At Bridge House our services remain constant. Our focus on employment is growing as we increase the number of trainee positions in our Ready to Work program. Our collaboration with other agencies is becoming more effective and efficient.

The challenges associated with homelessness affect our whole community. We can do more for the people caught in cycles of poverty, illness, unemployment, incarceration, and helplessness. We can do more to keep the city we love vibrant and thriving.

It is not acceptable for members of our community to die on the streets. We will honor their memory by continuing to create hope for homeless men and women and access to pathways to change their lives.


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