A New Year with New Ideas

It’s the New Year! Maybe you’ve been watching the drama with Occupy Boulder and wondering why the homeless haven’t been more vocal about how their rights are being eroded even further… maybe you’re going to volunteer for the Point in Time survey, knowing that an accurate count is crucial for state and federal funding…..


I’ve had a couple ideas while I have been recuperating…and want to share!

One idea is to do a mortality review when a homeless person dies. This is a common practice in other parts of the country, and the process illuminates how the social service system is working (or not.) We are fortunate that our DA, Stan Garnett, is open to the idea! Agencies already meet to review the deaths of children in care or elderly folks involved with protective services.

Another idea is to have a poverty rights organization in Boulder—one that focuses on the commonality of the struggles that all poor people face. Sure, the camping issue is the obvious issue, but what it really demonstrates is the lack of affordable housing in Boulder and the lack of a cohesive cooperation between underfunded and overwhelmed social services in Boulder.

Will keep you all posted and all of you are invited to participate! Email [email protected] if either of these ideas float your boat!!!


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