Join us at the downtown Boulder lights parade

Join us this Saturday, December 3rd at 6 p.m. at the Downtown Boulder Lights Parade. This year the parade is starting at 14th and Walnut and heading west to 11th street. You will see Bridge House clients and staff in pick-up trucks decked out with festive lights, a banner, and throwing candy to kids! We are excited about doing this…. It’s a way of participating in the community, and showing people that in a tangible way. Another exciting aspect about this year’s parade is that we will be debuting our new employment program. We will have our new crew of Ready to Work trainees in uniform, walking behind the trucks and throwing more candy. Staff, volunteers and clients together, much the way that we work together on a daily basis here at the Bridge House. We care for each other, do chores together, support each other. Our clients’ research resources for others, bring us job announcements to share, clean, organize and generally pitch in all over the place. We are taking the show on the road. Please consider joining us!

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