Why the new name?

It’s the question we get many times a day, as we staff stumble over our new name—old habits die hard. We are all getting used to it, and we laugh at ourselves. After all, we have been calling this tiny little building the Carriage House for a long time!

The State Historical Society designated us a historical site, which actually has been quite interesting since it has restricted any renovations which alter the appearance of the outside of the building.

The State Historical Society has unwittingly thwarted many, many creative ideas—our clients, staff and volunteers have often suggested building a third floor, tunneling under the building, building an annex in the parking lot, suspending a hot air balloon over the building and on and on.

We are all optimists at Bridge House and this new name symbolizes our vision of being in a new and much larger building and of having our name reflect what we do, rather than our specific location. We offer services to bridge to the next day, because sometimes it is about warm soup or a sleeping bag. Our health services serve to bridge the gap between people who are disconnected from the medical system, through many types of outreach and direct financial assistance for prescriptions. We hope to offer a bridge back to a mainstream life through our job programs.

We believe it is possible to offer people a bridge back to their true and often barely remembered selves. We proudly introduce the name Bridge House.


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