Our clients come to us for an opportunity to improve their lives. Through our Bridge of Opportunity we show them that there is a way out, a bridge to a new future.

Our services include:

Meal services provided

Community Table: Central to our operation, we provide breakfast and lunch five days a week to Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow day shelter and dinners at local churches during the week.  In 2014 we served over 80,000 meals.

Case Management for immediate needs: Every client has the opportunity meet with a case manager who can assess their needs and connect them with referrals, resources, and support for their particular situation.

Medical Services

Medical Services: A professional from the People’s Clinic comes to the Resource Center 3 days a week to see our clients. We provide assistance with obtaining and purchasing prescriptions for our clients. In 2014, we had 412 medical services interactions.

Mental Health Support: A staff member from the Boulder Mental Health Center is at the Resource Center 3 times a week to meet with clients. In addition, we have a social worker who meets with clients daily and hold weekly addiction recovery groups. In 2014, 816 case management interactions were for mental health support.

Employment Services

Housing support: Our rental assistance program helps our clients and supports our working poor clients by staying in their home. In 2012 , Bridge House has expanded our rental assistance program to assist homeless individuals obtain housing and resources. In 2013 we helped 166 individuals with rental assistance or re-housing.

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Job readiness services: Classes and individual tutoring help in preparing resumes, and interview clothing.


Ready to Work: Bridge House’s “Ready to Work” program includes providing homeless adults with housing, paid transitional work, and where they can learn skills, and individualized support in hope of leading to permanent work and housing.

Resource Center: Bridge House’s Resource Center provides a single point of access where homeless men and women can learn about and access the services that are available to help them progress. Our Resource Center offers immediate access to the agencies that specialize in treatment or have the resources most urgently needed such as employment opportunities, benefits and housing.


Community: Our goal is to make our clients feel a sense of caring and belonging. We work hard to meet their needs. We also offer recreational and social activities such as a crafts group and an art class.