A Ready to Work Success Story

    In 2009 Dennis lost his full time job. Unable to find steady employment Dennis ended up living on the streets. He spent his days selling the Denver Voice and his…

  • DeeDee

    Dee Dee and Eric

    Dee Dee and Eric spent years on streets struggling with addiction and their path to sobriety was rocky. At Bridge House Dee Dee and Eric were able to utilize services…

  • baby-and-mom-vertical

    Cory’s Story

    I’m a 25 year old female, who has been addicted to pain pills and heroin for almost 11 years. I tried to make a change in my life by leaving…

  • photo_successStory_mark

    Mark S.’s Story

    Carriage House helped me stay on a path of success when I had no other resources to turn to. I have been able to keep working since in Colorado because…

  • photo_successStory_ray

    Ray J.’s Story

    I came to Colorado from Oklahoma. I was on the streets looking for a job and somewhere to sleep. While I was looking for work, I met some people from…

  • photo_successStory_tony

    Tony C.’s Story

    Hi, my name is Tony C. I am a Colorado native. I recently came to Boulder, CO and have been homeless for some time now. I heard of a place…

  • Denny’s Story

    Last September 26th, I thought the bottom had dropped out of my life. I was in a car accident, spent 9 days in the hospital, had all my personal possessions…