Now until April 12th Whole Foods on Pearl Street will be donating bag credits to Bridge House. Do your shopping at  Whole Foods and support Bridge House today. We thank Whole Foods for their generosity. They have been a strong... Continue Reading
The Humanity Project explores the differences and similarities of how housed and homeless people live in Boulder. Using photography as a medium, photographers from both the homeless and housed communities capture personal –yet universal – aspects of their daily lives,... Continue Reading
It is cold. Really cold. It is 5AM and I am volunteering for the Point in Time Survey (PIT). The PIT is a tool used by cities across the country on a single winter evening each year to count the... Continue Reading
Since I began my career in homeless services 15 years ago, I have often marveled at how lucky I am. I have heard countless stories. Stories about break ups, illness, addiction, job loss, and just plain bad luck that, when... Continue Reading
We are excited to be the recipients of the financial support of an online Photography show called Photography for a Change, which will launch during the first week of September 2013. Please stay tuned for the website address, but you... Continue Reading