August 2016 Written by Isabel McDevitt   Boulder is at a crossroads. We are confused. We are torn. We are overwhelmed. We also have an opportunity. With the right dialogue and leadership – now could be the time we, as... Continue Reading
Victor, a Ready to Work trainee, generously shared his story about his amazing transition from homelessness to the Ready to Work program. Please read his story to learn about the transformative power of Bridge House’s Ready to Work program. Before... Continue Reading
Time for your POP QUIZ: Please answer each question below with your first reaction – “Why?” or “Why not?” Should the space program put a man on Mars? Should we invest in cancer research until we have a cure? Should... Continue Reading
  5 – YOU! Our supporters in 2015 have gone above and beyond. From attending our myriad of events, to buying raffle tickets, to the more than 600 volunteers who shared their compassion and talents with us, to advocating for... Continue Reading